Chairman's Message

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Welcome to our big family of St. Paul's College Primary School Parent Teacher Association!

It is my great honor to serve as the Chairman of the Parent Teacher Association again for the year 2018-19. In the past year, I am glad to see the profound support from our parents and teachers to our association. It helps us a
chieve the great success in the cooperation between the association and the school. The partnership is instrumental in improving the communication among parents and teachers. I strongly believe such synergy will give tremendous beneifts to the school life of our kids.

I am confident that we are working towards a common goal on promoting the welfare of our children, and helping them to grow up in a
n excellent learning environment and treasure the precious school life.

Your support and involvement are very important to us. Let’s work together!


Yours sincerely,

Johnny Li

Chairman, St Paul's College Primary School Parent-Teacher Association


親愛的家長和老師  :




我相信我們正朝著一個共同的目標努力: 就是讓孩子們在一個優良的學習環境成長,令他們能珍惜寶貴的校園生活。